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Welcome to Street Lane Primary school


Puffins are our Year 2 children. Their teacher is Miss Osborn and their teaching assistant in the mornings is Mrs Dorman and on a Wednesday afternoon is Mrs Skelton.

If you need to contact your child’s class teacher, you can do this via Tapestry or via the class email address 

Puffin Class spend lots of time outdoors and in the local environment. They learn through play and practical experiences. Throughout the year they will learn through 6 different topics. Keep an eye out on their latest photos to see what they are learning about.

Topics and learning

Please click here for Puffin’s medium term plan for our ‘Precious Planet Earth’ topic which we are covering throughout summer Term 1.

Our class events

Building Our Own Pirate Ships – May 2022

This term our topic in Year 2 is pirates, we are recruiting for a new Captain of the ship! We have been writing our own job descriptions for the Captain role. To prepare ourselves we built our own pirate ships .Our job adverts will go out next week around Street Lane for pirates to apply. We had so much fun.

Easter at Street Lane – April 2022

On the last week of Spring term, the Puffins celebrated Easter across the curriculum by taking part in a range of Easter activities, from designing Easter baskets for the mini egg blondies we baked  in Design and Technology. In Maths, the Puffins took part in a egg hunt – using pictograms/tally charts to record evidence and took part in the Street Lane Easter Bonnet Competition. Happy Easter!

World Maths Day – March 2022

Last Wednesday we celebrated ‘World Maths Day’ at Street Lane, each class chose a subject to integrate Maths into. The Puffins chose PE! We are learning fractions in Maths at the moment, so, the children were finding half of a number by getting into equal groups, then using this number to run, jump, skip around the playground. 

British Science Week! – March 2022

Last week we celebrated British Science Week. The theme was Growth and the children had lots of exciting opportunities to learn lots about plants and how farmers help to get our food from farm to fork. We had a visit from Farmer Jess who taught the children all about life on her dairy farm, a visit from Chicken Linda where the children had the opportunity to ask Chicken Linda’s owner lots of questions about chickens, eggs and chicks and we watched a live lesson on microhabitats. Every class took part in their own science enquiry. The Puffins were investigating ‘Do Bigger Seeds Grow Bigger Plants?’ we each wrote a hypothesis and used this to conduct our investigation. We used a range of seeds from cress seeds to sunflower seeds, and will be keeping a close eye on our plants over the next few weeks. 

Comic Climb – Red Nose Day – March 2022

This Red Nose Day, Street Lane took part in a ‘Comic Climb’ our breakfast club put together a climbing course for all the children to complete! We challenged ourselves to not took the floor and The Puffins did amazing. 

Design and Technology – Making Carrot and Parsnip Soup – February 2022

The Puffins made carrot and parsnip soup as their cooking activity this term. We used our peeling and cutting skills to prepare the vegetables and used a range of condiments to create a flavourful soup. It was yummy! 

Number Day! – February 2022

This Tuesday, the Puffins celebrated Number Day by using the outdoor tyres from our den building objects to divide by 2, 5 and 10. We really enjoyed this. 

Year 2 Dodgeball Tournament – January 2022

A huge well done to our Year 2 Dodgeball team, they played against different schools in the local area, and showed such resilience. We are so proud of you!

Big British Bird Watch – January 2022

This January, we are taking part in the Big British Bird Watch and learning the names of birds we might see in our gardens and on the park. Please encourage the Puffins to see how many different types of birds they can spot out on walks, at the park or in their gardens.

Design and Technology – January 2022

This term we have been studying the moving parts of a windmill in our design and technology lessons.  Inspired by the song, ‘Mouse in a windmill’, the children have designed, decorated and built a windmill for their mouse client to live in, this has helped them to develop an understanding of different types of windmill, how they work and their key features.

Working Scientifically – January 2022

This term the Puffins are going to be investigating different types of forces. We began our topic by revising what a force was and we discussed how a force can be a push or a pull. To test this we used forces to transfer jelly from one plate to another using chopsticks. We then made predictions of whether we would use less force or more with jelly and oil. 

Christmas Craft Making – December 2021

We have been extremely busy in the Puffins Class getting ready for our Christmas Winter Wonderland Market. We have made bags of fudge, hot chocolate reindeers, clay decorations and pine cone Christmas tree decorations. We have worked very hard and we are really looking forward to selling (and buying) some at the market.

Fire safety afternoon – November 2021

Key Stage 1 have been learning all about how to keep safe this Bonfire Night, and what they can do to protect each-other and animals. They have made safety posters and placed these around the school, used pastel oils to create art work of Fireworks and even had the local Fire Fighters come in for a visit on Bonfire Night – the children loved being able to try on all the gear and even have a go on the hose.

Halloween disco and pumpkin carving! – October 2021

We loved being involved in the Street Lane pumpkin carving competition! Well done to everyone. Then, we had our Halloween Disco. Happy Halloween everyone!

Geography walk! Exploring our local area – September 2021

This term, we are learning all about our local area and where in the world our school is. We have been discussing what we liked and disliked about our local area. The children will be able to describe key features and will be able to plot Denby on a map of the UK.

Crazy Spoon Making! – September 2021

Welcome back! Our first day in Year 2 was spent making ‘Crazy Spoons’ that look just like the Puffins, they will use these spoons when they pop their hands up. We loved it!





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