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Welcome to Street Lane Primary school

Parrot Class

Our Parrots (Year 1) are taught by Mrs Curtis and Mrs Dixon, our Deputy Headteachers. Mrs Curtis teaches on an Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays. Mrs Dixon teaches on a Thursday, Friday and alternate Wednesdays. This year they are supported by Mrs Dorman.


If you need to contact your child’s class teacher, you can do this via Tapestry or via the class email address 

Every day the children have access to the indoor and outdoor areas which are carefully planned to implement all of the National Curriculum whilst giving our Year One children opportunities to access continuous provision. At Street Lane Primary School we value the importance of play throughout Key Stage One and also into Key Stage Two and therefore encourage our children to learn through play whenever possible.

Our children in Year One have a busy and fun filled timetable including daily Phonics, Mathematics and English lessons and a wide range of cross curricular lessons to ensure the National Curriculum requirements are delivered in a motivating and engaging way.

This year our topic headings have been chosen carefully based on what we will think will be of interest to the children, inspire our children to have a love of learning and nurture their curiosity about the world.

Topics and learning

Please click here to see Parrot’s newsletter and here for Parrot’s medium term plan for our ‘Growing Up’ topic which we are covering throughout Autumn Term 1.

Learning in the Parrot’s Class

The Year One children have enjoyed exploring our updated classroom and accessing the continuous provision activities. They have particularly enjoyed the funky fingers, construction and creative activities. We were really proud of some children who designed their own art work using the loos parts, labelled their work and then photographed it using the I-Pads for display. Great work!


Part, whole model in Maths

We have been busy learning to use a part, whole model to help with our addition calculations. We used the interactive board to move counters from the parts and combine them in the whole and then completed activities independently. Lots of great Mathematical vocabulary was used when the children described their thinking and how they solved the calculations. Well done everyone!

Fruit Kebabs

This term we have been learning about how to keep our bodies healthy so we can grow big and strong. We learned all about the different food groups and discussed how we should try to eat a rainbow of fruit and vegetables! We looked at a variety of fruits and vegetables and tasted some as there were some we hadn’t tried before! We then designed and made our own fruit kebabs. This was really fun but we also learned a lot especially how to use the utensils carefully and safely. They were delicious!


We loved dressing up for our Halloween disco. Look at our amazing costumes!

Autumn Term Two

Click Here to view the Parrot’s newsletter for Autumn Term Two.

Click Here to view the Medium Term Planning for our Year One children this term.

Click Here to view our ECaT work for Week 1- ‘Bonfire Celebrations.’

Click Here to view our ECaT work for Week 2 – ‘Diwali’

Click Here to view our ECaT work for Week 3 – ‘One Kind Word’

Anti-Bullying Week

This week we have been thinking about using kind words and things we can do to be kind to others in our school. The children thought of lots of different examples including smiling at each other, inviting children to play their games and using good manners. We wore odd socks on Monday to celebrate how different we are and how being unique is great!



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