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Welcome to Street Lane Primary school

Owl Class


Our Year 3 & 4 children are taught in Owl Class by Mr Davies and supported by Mrs Skelton.

If you need to contact your child’s class teacher, you can do this via Tapestry or via the class email address 

Topics and Learning

Please click here to see our topic overview for Autumn 1, where we will be learning all about the ancient Greeks.

Please click here to see our topic overview for Autumn 2, where we will be learning all about the Romans.

Please click here to see our topic overview for Spring 1. Our whole school theme is “Step back in time.” We will be focusing on the Victorians.

Please click here to see our topic overview for Spring 2. We will be continuing with the Victorians.

Please click here to see our topic overview for Summer 1. Our theme is “Precious Planet Earth.”

Our Class Events

Diversity in PSHE – April 2022

As part of our diversity topic, we looked at and addressed some of the stereotypes that exist between boys and girls. The children participated in a debate on whether children should have their own choices when choosing hobbies such as dance, rugby etc. There were some really interesting and mature responses. I was really impressed!

Easter Story – April 2022

In our RE lessons, we have been learning about how Jesus inspires Christians all over the world. We retold the story in our literacy lessons but before that the children were able to recreate it using freeze frames. 

Pirate dance – April 2022

During this term, we have been learning a dance routine in our PE lessons. We decided to step back in time and focus on a pirate theme.  

Balanced arguments – March 2022

In literacy this week, we have been learning about balanced arguments. In today’s lesson, we held a debate on the arguments for and against wearing school uniform. I was so impressed with how the children spoke with confidence, shared strong arguments and respected one another’s point of view.

Comic Climb – March 2022

Here are some photos from our comic climb for Comic Relief Day. Once the children had started the course, they weren’t allowed to touch the ground until they had reached the safety zone.

The Passover Story – February 2022

During our RE topic this term, our question has been “Why are festivals important to religious communities?” This week we looked at why Jews celebrate Pesach every year and acted out The Passover Story. During this, we had a debate where Moses had to listen to ideas from the Israelites and the Egyptians on whether he should free the slaves. 

NSPCC Number Day – February 2022

Owls spent the first part of Number Day playing some maths board games against each other. These were focused on some of the maths skills we had practised recently in our lessons. It got extremely competitive!


Dodgeball tournament – February 2022

A number of our Year 4s represented us at the dodgeball tournament held at Belper Leisure Centre. Our of 6 games, they won three and drew one. They also showed incredible honesty and integrity and should be really proud of themselves!

Playing games during maths lessons! – January 2022

The children used their knowledge of place value to participate in games ordering 3 and 4 digit numbers. They also used a random number generator to try and form the highest and then the lowest number possible.

Street Lane Bake Off! – December 2021

The children loved preparing and cooking their own pizzas.  It was so hard for our “guest judges” to choose the finalists and an eventual winner as they all looked and tasted delicious!

Wellbeing workshop – December 2021

Owls and Puffins really enjoyed our wellbeing workshop. They participated in a variety of activities including making their own “calm jars.”

Mr Davies on Trial – November 2021

Owl Class were learning all about “The Rule of Law.” During the lesson, Mrs Cooke burst into the room and accused Mr Davies of stealing from the tuck shop! Therefore, we decided to hold a trial to determine his guilt. Thankfully, he was found to be not guilty as some mysterious evidence came to light, which identified the true culprit!

Fire Safety – November 2021

In preparation for Bonfire Night, we had a visit from some local firefighters. As you can see, we had a lot of  fun hearing about their roles and responsibilities, as well as trying on their helmets!

Handball tournament – October 2021

In PE this half term, we focused on developing our skills required to play handball. Here are a few photos from our class tournament during our last session.

JuniorSTEM Lego Robotics Workshop – July 2021

Key Stage 2 had a brilliant day using a mix of computing, DT and STEM skills to build and program two lego models.

Ki-O-Rahi December 2020


Lea Green at Halloween- October 2020









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