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Welcome to Street Lane Primary school


Shared Vison for Science

To plan and deliver a science curriculum that inspires and encourages our children to be inquisitive about the world.

At Street Lane Primary, we want to nurture our children’s curiosity to enable them to develop skills that are useful across learning.

We aim to put scientific enquiry at the heart of our school science curriculum.

Principles of Science

Good science is when …

  1. We feel safe to take scientific risks.
  2. Our lessons are relevant and inspiring.
  3. We are given a range of ways to explore science.
  4. Our teachers spark our curiosity and let us explore further.

Science Websites

Science Events

Planetarium for reception and key stage 1- May 2021

We all had a wonderful morning learning about space in the planetarium 🪐! This was a great way to end our current space topic.

The pictures are a little unclear because it was so dark inside the dome.

I liked it when we looked at the constellations. Lottie Year 2


It was fun when we spotted the bear when looking at  the constellations. Max Year 2

My favourite part  was when we saw the robot on Mars! Riley Year 1

Science Week- Innovating for the Future March 2021

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