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11.3.19 Duckling and Puffins Pirate Trip

Today Pirate Stacey met us off the coach with a HUGE problem.

She had abandoned her crew because they were too busy having naps and left her, the captain, to dig up all the treasure on her own!

It really wasn’t fair on her, so¬†she got on her ship and sailed off.

Now Stacey wants to sail again but her ships needs 38 members of crew.

She asked us if we knew anyone. Within seconds, we all eagerly volunteered.

So she then started testing us to see if we were suitable.

We read maps to find a pirate cavern, we tasted pirate ginger biscuits, we drank grog, we sang pirate shanties, we practised our cannonball throwing, we practised our memory skills, we practised our co-ordinate skills and finally we tested our balance.

Stacey decided we had the skills to fire cannonballs, steer the ship, read maps, cook tea, raise pirate spirits, remembering facts, reading co-ordinates, balancing on rigging and planks – she actually said we were the best pirates she’d met (although perhaps the cleanest and freshest smelling)

Look below to see what we got up to today….

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