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Welcome to Street Lane Primary school

Well-Being Week : Miss Bestwick’s Group

On Tuesday 26th February we looked at the theme ‘give’. We learn about charities and food banks and thought about those less fortunate than ourselves.
We also discussed what we could give that was free and would make everybody around us feel better. We practised giving smiles and compliments and we all made
promises to give our friends a smile and compliment every day this week.

On Wednesday 27th February, we looked at the theme ‘Keep Learning. We discovered you are never to old to learn. Miss Bestwick ‘taught’ (learnt) how to play handbells and Miss F taught the children how to do origami. The children then taught us even more skills. We thought out how it made us feel. We felt proud, happy, engaged, motivated and much more. We promised to keep learning new things!

On Thursday 28th February, we looked at the theme ‘Be active’

On Friday 29th February, we looked at the theme ‘Take Notice’

Throughout the week we looked at the final theme ‘connect’. Throughout the week we have worked with children from all year groups.

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