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17.12.18 18.12.18 EYFS/KS1 PSE Day: Getting on and Falling Out

Monday’s assembly started with the classic Julia Donaldson story ‘Room on the Broom’

We discussed what does it teach us? The children were quick to identify it was related to friendship.

The children discussed what made a good friend. They knew that we needed to be a good friend all the time.

We then watched the award winning Respect Ability short animation – 

We then thought about how we can be inclusive and good friends to everyone and thought about putting this in to practice at our Whole School Good to be Green Treat on Wednesday.

KS1 and EYFS then completed a number of PSE activities.

  1. They thought about how they were similar and different. What did they both/all like? dislike? They then used these facts to play a changing places parachute game
  2. They then thought about friendships and made a friendship web using string. It became clear that we had lots of friendships. We thought about why they were friends and what they had in common.
  3. The children then completed tricky jigsaws in mixed age groups. The EYFS children were asked what made the older children good friends? How did they help you? From this children drew around each other and made ‘What makes a good friend?’ poster.
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