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21.9.18 PSE ‘Going for Goals’ whole school day

Today all classes focussed on ‘going for goals’. All children discussed and shared their short term and long term goals. We thought about the small steps we could take to achieve then. We also thought of the feelings we might feel at each stage of working towards our goal. All our children learn new skills and agreed that with effort, determination and perseverance they can achieve anything they put their minds to.

We then had a whole school assembly to share our learning with parents.

Our youngest children in school, the Ducklings, paired up with our oldest children, the Peacocks, to sing and sign ‘Reach to the Stars’.
Our year 1 and 2 children, the Puffins, sang and signed ‘R Kelly: Worlds Greatest’
Our year 3 and 4 children, the Owls, made a class poem highlighting that anything is possible and can be achieved.
Our oldest children, the Peacocks, made a speech in response to Martin Luther King’s  famous speech. They called their poem ‘We have a dream…’

Our class sing and signs can be viewed on Twitter and our poems and speeches can be viewed on display in school.

Below are some photos of the day:


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