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Welcome to Street Lane Primary school

Worry Box Competition

It’s competition time in school!

Every class are receiving PSE lessons based around ‘amazing me’ and ‘going for goals’.

We are working hard at following school rules and also understanding our feelings.

This week our assemblies have been based on what to do if you have a worry.

Therefore, we would like every class to have a new worry box.

This is a box were all children can privately share any worries with a member of staff by using a worry box form.

These worries are then addressed by adults in school that your children are happy and are ready to achieve marvellous things!

We would like the children to take ownership of their worry boxes and that is why we have set a competition.

Worry boxes are to be brought in to school by Monday 24th September were we will look at each classes entries in assembly and then vote on the winning boxes.

The winning worry box entries will be placed in to classroom and used throughout this year and of course the children who have made them will receive a prize.

Below are a few examples of worry boxes

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