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Welcome to Street Lane Primary school

KS2 End of Term treat – Rollerskating!

Ruby (Year 3) said, “I must have fallen over twenty times but it was fantastic!”PB020378 PB020379 PB020380 PB020381 PB020382 PB020383 PB020384 PB020385 PB020386 PB020387 PB020388 PB020389 PB020390 PB020391 PB020392 PB020393 PB020394 PB020395 PB020396 PB020398 PB020399 PB020400 PB020401 PB020402 PB020403 PB020404 PB020405 PB020409 PB020410 PB020411 PB020412 PB020413 PB020414 PB020415 PB020418 PB020419 PB020420 PB020422 PB020423 PB020424 PB020425 PB020426 PB020427 PB020428 PB020429 PB020430 PB020431 PB020432 PB020433 PB020434 PB020435 PB020437

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