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Welcome to Street Lane Primary school

Good to be Green

This year we have launched our new ‘Good to be Green’ Behaviour System.

This system focusses on rewarding all of the good behaviour we see daily.

Children start each lesson on green. If children break any of our school rules they get a verbal warning.

After a verbal warning, they are given a yellow card. Should the behaviour persist, they are given a red card.

Each week yellow and red cards are logged. Those children who have been green all week receive a weekly treat.

In our ‘Good to be Green’ Assembly they are also awarded a sticker.

Once a child has received 15 stickers (15 weeks of excellent behaviour) they are rewarded by a prize such as football match tickets, swimming, chucklebutties etc.

This week, if your child has received their ‘Good to be Green’ certificate please remember to leave this in their book bags so they can collect subsequent stickers and save up for their treat at week 15.

If you have any questions about our behaviour system, please pop in to see me.

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