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Welcome to Street Lane Primary school

After School Clubs

after school clubs -Spring 1 and 2

after school clubs -Autumn 2 17

after school clubs -Autumn 1 17

Each half term your child/ren will receive a letter about the after school clubs we offer. Each half term they change depending on the children’s interest and the time of the year.

Holly (Y5) said:

“You should join cooking club. It’s nice to learn how to make new things. We always get to take them home.”

Tyler (Y4) said:

“Games table top adventure club is really fun. We play games we don’t have at home. It’s great to get time to play with Mr Shipley!”

Ben (Y6) said:

“Homework club with Mrs Cooke and Mrs Taylor is really helpful. If I ever get stuck on something, I don’t panic I know I can ask at homework club”

Charlie (FS2) said:

“Film club is fun. We get to choose the film. It’s like going to the cinema with friends.”

Harry W (Y4) said:

“Running club is lots of fun. I don’t like getting messy but I do like getting fitter each week. I can now run faster and for longer than before”

Riley (Y5) said:

“In computing club we learn lots of new, fun computing programs. I really enjoy using Scratch and 2Code”

You can find more information on each club by following the links below;

Our Current club timetable is:

Multi-sports in the playground.
After School
Football with Mr Smith (after February half term). Cookery club -all welcome
Walk and Talk with Mrs Cooke and skipping games on the playground
After School
Staff meeting and training
Ball games and badminton
After School
Y5/6 Homework and Booster club and Y3/4 homework club
Team games and parachute games
After School
Dance club with Miss Pegg
Walk and Talk with Mrs Cooke
After School
No clubs today